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First of all, you don't need to state you need help twice in the same phrase. 2nd of all, I'm sure it gives directions or atleast shows a link you can go to while trying to do it. I recommend you check. and Heavy ask a staff member when they get on.
I need help plz how do i get the code for add my character when buying something plz
Any admins that can get to my ticket?
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Step by step tutorial.


2. Download Technic Laucher here!

3. Download our pack here! or search in the search bar on the technic launcher!

4. Join our server at play.pokegaming.com

If you already have pixelmon, we are running 3.5.1!

Survival servers -

On our pixelmon Survival Servers you can compete with,
1. Gym leaders, once you have beat all the gym leaders you can move onto battling the Elite4 and become a champion.
2. You also have access to a Huge Shop for your advantage to earn cash and use our advanced economy to purchase more valuable items.
3. You are able to compete against other players, level up your pokemon, fight for the top.
4. our donation packages are at a great price for you to buy.
5. You are able to enable pvp mode and disable pvp to just have a fun adventure.
Advanced economy -
Our advanced economy is a huge impact on our pixelmon economy.
1. You can purchase items that you cant buy using in game money $$
2. Our Gem store you can access it buy using the command /gem store
3. In order to have Gems you can purchase it from our donation store for affordable prices.
4. With Gems any items that is in the Money shop will be cheaper and have more value.
5. For more information on Gems feel free to read more about it on our server.