ThatBritishGuy_ Site-AdminOwner$ posted Sat at 15:55

Hey guys! Finally an announcement!
So, as most of you know the server has been offline for a while.
This has been because of complications but also an update! `*Takes deep breath*`

We've updated to **Reforged (Pixelmon) 7.0.5** 
What does this mean? Well...
-A new world (Ultra world) Guess what it is used for?
That is the mod update done.

*Hey brit! What about the server?*
Well... `*Takes deep breath*`

We've had some changes, a lot of changes.
Let’s get the not so good stuff out first shall we?

The map has indeed reset. But wait! This is for the good!
The world border has increased! And a load of performance issues have been solved!

Inventory has been reset, but
/bp OR /backpack has NOT been reset! Enjoy the goodies you saved!

Pokemon! How could we do such a thing? HELL NO! we have not reset Pokémon! enjoy the loved ones you have caught!

**Now, to the good stuff!**
- Complete new website design!
- Got a new spawn and lobby.
- New and Improved quests from the help of FlynnPark1
- Pokémon Disguise update. GUI and Accessible for ALL players (crate will be released this week!)
- Public EV Centre
- New Shrine Fees
- Discord Rank linking (this week)
- New Vote rewards! (Crate and New currency!)
- Fixed PokeDex and New rewards!
- Updated Daily Rewards
- PokeBuilder. Woah. What?! Yeah! This can only be used by voting to get the new currency! ***Coins***
- Random Match Plugin
- SafeTrading is back!
- Pokémon Particles (crate released with Disguise crate)

Finally a massive thanks to staff. And all that helped with the server!
Flynn Ken flutterdash Catacity and Fallen.

Flare__ RetiredBeta *claps* good to see the server is still running fine all these years later