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Reforge update!

By ThatBritishGuy Site-AdminOwner$ - Posted May 28, 18

Hello everyone!

Finally PokeGaming has updated! to the latest version of Reforged. 6.2.3.

With amazing news like this, it does come with bad news... for now! Some servers are not available anymore.

This includes poke 5-6 which have officially closed. 1-4 have been renamed to colors. But for the time being, PokeRed is only open, till we feel the server is stable and ready, we will open the rest with new updates in the due course.

So whats new? reforged is new! with a massive amount of pokemon, new legends and cool mega evolutions!

To get Reforged..

1. Download Technic Laucher here!

2. Download our pack here! or search in the search bar on the technic launcher! and join via play.pokegaming.com

If you find any issues please report them to staff immediately! 

To celebrate this we are having a huge sale at the server store to kick off release!

Important notes about the update:

-Pokemon have NOT been transferred. They have indeed reset. They have not reset for 2 years.... madness right?! If you purchased in the past before the update please visit this link! Recover Purchase Please expect waiting times as there are alot of you!

- Some commands may not work that used to before the update! These will come in time while we fix them!

- New features will come with updates to the server, these will be announced here on the website. Below are just an example of features to come and features that are now here!

-PokeStops (Currently working)

- Gyms (Working but not open yet!)

- Quests (Being worked on)

- Battle Tower(Open and ready!)

- Cool Cosmetics (Coming soon!)