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Can you please take a look at this?
Hi, my name is Cyber and I'm one of the admins here on Pokegaming! My role revolves around the gyms and their leaders, including events gyms and any NPCs lying around, so if you have a question pertaining to any of that send a message my way over Discord or in-game if you see me. I'm also available to help you team build or test teams for tournaments and the like if you want to! I am 19 years old, soon to be 20 in September, and right now I am taking a semester break from my university working at an ice cream store to get past online learning and the effects of COVID-19. I like most games, including Minecraft (duh), League of Legends, FFXIV, Monster Hunter, Overwatch, and much more! I first came on the server with a couple friends around I believe 2018, and took a break before coming back at the start of last summer, where I first became a gym leader for the second section and then moved on to becoming a staff member and coming full circle in being the current gym manager alongside zImpulsive. I'm glad I made the choice to return to the server, as I've made great friends in the staff team; even though I've seen many come and go, I've always cherished the times spent together playing around in games like Among Us or Jackbox. If you have ever felt like you want to help out the server, I strongly suggest applying, because it is 100% worth it when you make it onto the team!


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Installing Forge and Installing Pixelmon

To play Pixelmon on our server through the use of MInecraft Forge and the Pixelmon Reforged mod, follow these steps (Windows Version as of July 5th, 2021):
2. Click on the plus next to 1.12 on the left-hand side of the tab.
3. Click on 1.12.2.
4. Click on the "Installer" button under the "Download Recommended" title. This will take you to a new screen that may have adverts; DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING.
5. Wait the approximate 5 seconds for the "SKIP" button to appear in the top right of the tab and click it.
6. Your antivirus may flag the download as unsafe. The download is NOT malicious (if it were, everyone that uses mods, including streamers, would have computer viruses), so you can navigate the download and circumvent the antivirus block by selecting an option to keep.
7. Drag the download onto your desktop or save it to a folder and double click it to run. If you have WinRAR installed and it shows up as a folder file, right click it, select "Open with" and choose Java.
8. A new window will appear with three options. Make sure that only "Install client" is selected and click "OK."
2. For the latest version, click the green "DOWNLOAD" button. For the current version the server is running, scroll down to "CHANGELOG" and click the title that says "Pixelmon Mod 8.2.0" to collapse it.
3. Click on the title that says "Pixelmon Mod 8.1.2" and click the blue button that says "DOWNLOAD TM." This will take you to a new tab; DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING. Wait for the allotted 5 seconds to click the "SKIP" button in the top right of the tab.
4. Your antivirus may again flag the download; just circumvent the block by selecting a keep option.
5. After downloading, move the mod file onto your desktop or into a folder.
6. Open the File Explorer, and type %appdata% in the directory bar and press enter.
7. Open the folder that says .minecraft and open, or create and open, a folder titled "mods." Drag the Pixelmon mod into here.
Using this method as opposed to Technic will stop your ability to get automatic version updates and use of the texture pack for awesome custom textures on Pokemon.
It is recommended to use a FPS-boosting mod such as Optifine in conjunction with any mods for better computer performance, however use of exploit mods such as X-ray is prohibited and will result in penalties when you log in.
To log in, open the standard Minecraft Launcher. In the bottom left there is a drop-down menu; select the option for Forge 1.12.2, then press the play button. To join Pokegaming and its community, use the server IP in the multiplayer section. Hope to see you there!