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@3_Scar FATHER!

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ItzKennedy's Welcome Page:

Now this is a sight that hasn't been seen in a while. Though some might hate this sight.
Welcome to a small part of the forums where I just talk about me, and my time at PG. Been around on PG for years now, been here for around 4 years, coming on 5 years ~ this year. Former PG Admin, as well as Moderator+ before calling it quits and moving on in life. But today I was snooping around the area to see that PG was still up and running, and made a small return to say hello to those on the Server. Though I may be still banned for the actions did over on the discord, I am still around here and there.

Those who don't know me, I am Kennedy and I have been around for a while now, was a former Staff Member back in 2016 to late 2019/20 before moving on in life, though I may not be on the servers as much, I am snooping around here and there. Welcome to a small section of the new website where I just post bout me lmao. Good to see some old faces around still rocking it out in PG, to those old members; I am back for a short time snooping around, so if you still have my discord feel free to chat! :)