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Welcome to PokeGaming rules page!
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Chat Rules
  1. Do not use excessive caps in a sentence.
  2. Chat flood is not allowed. For example, but not limited to, random mashes of characters, excessive use of characters with ill intent
  3. Do not spam chat and send the same message three times in a row. This applies, but is not limited to, teleport requests and message spam.
  4. No racism, homophobia or profanity in chat. Explicit abbreviations are also not allowed. Minor ones such as 'lmao' are allowed, however more explicit ones such as 'wtf' and 'lmfao' are not allowed. Any abbreviations that are sexually explicit, homophobic or racist are also not tolerated, alluding to profanity is also not allowed.
  5. English only in main chat, any language is allowed in messages, books, signs and mail.
  6. Do not ask staff for items, Pixelmon or perks.
  7. Respect all players, staff and the server, regardless of their role. Please respect our staff by not baiting them or wasting their time.
  8. No advertising other servers, websites or discords, mentioning other servers is not allowed regardless of the context. Asking for other’s server’s IP addresses is also not allowed.
  9. Don't call out staff in vanish, unless they are actively speaking in chat.
  10. Do not abuse /nick, or your perms will be taken away, all chat rules apply to nicknames and impersonating others is not allowed.
  11. All chat rules apply on signs, messages, books, mail, clan names/tags and Pixelmon nicknames.

Server Rules
  1. Use of hacks or exploiting bugs or clients/texture packs to gain an unfair advantage are strictly not allowed, if you are unsure if something is not allowed please ask our staff members.
  2. Griefing the server is not allowed regardless of the claim status of the land. Treat the world nicely. Do not build explicit objects. Do NOT build near a claims on purpose to cause grief towards other players on the server. Breaking this rule is strictly prohibited. Griefing is defined as, the act of purposely irritating and angering players through the use of destruction or construction, if you are unsure if it would anger said player, ask them first.
  3. Scamming is NOT allowed. Evidence of scamming will result in an immediate ban. Please use safetrade whenever possible {/safetrade <player>}.
  4. No bypassing PvP toggle. I.E Traps, snowballs or any other means of PVP, TPA Killing is not allowed.
  5. Claims must be 1 chunk apart, except your own or a friend’s. This rule also applies to player warp locations, player warps may not be closer than 1 chunk of another player's claim. Set home locations are also to respect this rule
  6. AFK pools and machines are banned.
  7. Admins have the ability to punish for undefined rules, in the event the action causes significant disruption to the server.

    Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment...
Please read and follow our rules before entering other channels.
1. No extreme vulgar Language.
2. Do not harass others or staff.
3. Be Respectful of others, staff and be nice.
4. Do not advertise other servers, modpacks or websites without good intent.
5. Don't tag or DM staff without good reason. Be patient -- tagging randomly will probably get you kicked.
6. Respect our Terms of service (link above)
7. Be smart and think before you post anything.
8. Check a channels topic (at the top) before posting it. Some channels may have additional rules.
9. Post stuff in the right channels, and don't spam anywhere, if asked by staff to move, do so.
10. Joining a Discord server will subject you to pings/tagging. If this makes you uncomfortable, please leave the server. We will not cater our announcements for anyone feeling 'triggered' by a little red number. If it's made an issue, we will remove you from this Discord server to solve that issue.
Channel Info
- An actively growing community with members from all ages
- Events and Giveaways
- A Suggestions area for players to give their ideas for the Server and Discord
- A Support channel for players to report their issues and get help from our staff team