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aquahat aquahat: 5 months ago
There are several Pokemon/Pixelmon related events that occur on the server. Most (if not all) are announced in the chat and sometimes on the "boss bar" at the top of the screen. (When I say events, I don't mean things like tournaments and hide and seek, I mean like the PokeEvents, /hunt hunt, invasions, etc.).

It can be difficult to keep track of all the different events going on at one time/when the next event is going to start. It would be handy (and honestly pretty cool) to have a GUI/command of sorts to give information on the currently ongoing events and when the next events are going to start. (If you don't want to have information on when the next event is going to start, you could just put in its spot something like "Not active"). Having a GUI such as this would give players a quick look at things to do when they're looking for something to do.

Example GUI would be like the same chest inventory GUI that is used for commands such as /menu

- Fill the entire space with light grey stained glass
- Have either a meaningful icon/item for each event, or simply use red/green glass (depending on whether or not the event is currently active)
- Name each icon/item according to the event it represents. Have the description text give info such as any related commands (/hunt, /warp invasion, etc) and optionally a description of what the event is. Also include the status of the event (inactive/active, time remaining, time until event starts, etc.)
- If you dont want to overcrowd the textbox of the icon/item, it could be displayed in two parts, having the icon first with description and commands, and below it have a coloured glass pane that gives the status information

I would attach a picture of what I have in mind, but I am unable to attach images to this form. If any more detail on what I am envisioning is needed, just let me know :)


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