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Invasion Adjustments

aquahat aquahat: 5 months ago
Simple suggestion in two parts, only related in that they are about the same event.

1. Make Pixelmon spawned by the invasion event more distinguishable somehow. It is very difficult to tell which Pixelmon are wild and which are a player's Pixelmon attempting to battle something wild. Our suggestion is to give them the potion glow effect. Additionally, it would be nice to indicate somehow when an invasion Pixelmon is already in battle. I don't know how possible this is, but it would be very nice.

2. Better announcement for the start of an invasion. Just now I nearly missed an invasion because I missed the prompt in chat. My suggestion is to make the invasion start message display both in the chat and in the center of the screen (as the server restart message does) or play a noise or something of the sort. As this may be irritating to some players, if this is implemented, there should be a way for players to toggle the alert (in whatever form) on/off.

Suggestion by aquahat & lavahat


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